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Social Permaculture
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Social Permaculture

Looking for radical political and social permaculture examples

Hi everybody.

I'm from northern Italy, not in a particular permaculture path. At the moment I live at the hinterland of a big city.

I'm looking for ideas/solutions about next life projects, following my anarchist ideals in a coherent but... (More)

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Social Permaculture
Laura Oldanie
Permaculture Wealth Building Coach

Would you like to make the finances & economics portion of the permaculture course you are teaching even more robust and useful?

I am a socially conscious wealth coach whose work is strongly influenced by permaculture. (I completed my PDC in 2009.) Earlier this year I collaborated with Mike Hoag of Transformative Adventures/Lillie House Permaculture to co-teach the economics and finance portion... (More)

Michelle Fisher
Melbourne (Seddon), Australia

Looking for advice on hosting an in-person seed swap, to take place in a few months' time. We ran an essentially contactless one last year (see link), but can now do a face-to-face gathering.

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Social Permaculture


As an exersice I have been invited to share something of todays society that especially bothers me, if you wish to share how it resonates for you I will read it attentively and appreciate the input.

Here is what bothers... (More)