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Social Permaculture
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Michelle Fisher
Melbourne (Seddon), Australia

Looking for advice on hosting an in-person seed swap, to take place in a few months' time. We ran an essentially contactless one last year (see link), but can now do a face-to-face gathering.

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Social Permaculture

Looking for radical political and social permaculture examples

Hi everybody.

I'm from northern Italy, not in a particular permaculture path. At the moment I live at the hinterland of a big city.

I'm looking for ideas/solutions about next life projects, following my anarchist ideals in a coherent but pragmatic way, which is not easy at all.

I keep asking: what's really useful? It depends much on the context, I guess...

The aims are: fighting capitalism in some way, getting away from maket "realism" and jobs culture; radical ecologism for tangible change (I favour direct action to legal, harmless, passive routes); militant/activist work/make ends meet (why not?) with actual... (More)

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Social Permaculture
Laura Oldanie
Permaculture Wealth Building Coach

Would you like to make the finances & economics portion of the permaculture course you are teaching even more robust and useful?

I am a socially conscious wealth coach whose work is strongly influenced by permaculture. (I completed my PDC in 2009.) Earlier this year I collaborated with Mike Hoag of Transformative Adventures/Lillie House Permaculture to co-teach the economics and finance portion of his full 72 hour PDC.

Mike covered the more traditional content from the permaculture texts in this realm also adding in his own thinking on stacking permaculture income streams to design a FREE (financially resilient, ecologically empowered) lifestyle. I covered personal finance linking various permaculture principles to the basics of money management and highlighting more socially responsible and even... (More)

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Social Permaculture


As an exersice I have been invited to share something of todays society that especially bothers me, if you wish to share how it resonates for you I will read it attentively and appreciate the input. 

Here is what bothers me: when I, we, you or they, use power to scare, manipulate or opress other beings.

Thank you for reading this.