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Emotional Permaculture
Emotional Permaculture
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Hello, I guess I just need to get things off my chest and at the same time share what helps me. So, this song just made me cry. (I also know Ayla Nereo thanks to Heather sharing her song once, so it is kind of relevant.) The part - one day we will cherish the soil, it's value more than gold is especially touching. I've just had a long discussion with my partner about how I feel this inner division between spending 90% of my time homesteading, trying to establish this site to make us more resilient, build biodiversity,... (More)
Jane Gray
Harewood Permaculture

Is it time to despair?

Not sure if this is the right place to share, but I am suffering from a major attack of eco-anxiety right now.

Despite all my sustainability book learning/polcy-wonking and despite being a permaculture fan-girl for decades, I'm hit by guilt that I have done nowhere near enough and fear that there isn't enough time left. Seeing the news from Europe and China of devastating flash floods; as well as the impact of the mega heatwave on our land, our private water supply drying up and my plantings shrivelling.

Just scunnered really.

I tend not to dwell in despair for long,... (More)