Brightest of mornings here from Queensland Australia! 😃 I just want to start by saying a huge THANK YOU to you Heather Jo Flores for your generosity and grace in offering these free courses. I personally appreciate them very much. I have just finished the 6 week beginner course, as I’ve never planted a single plant, but have always felt the overwhelming urge to become self sufficient and work alongside nature. I have always been somewhat of a hermit and feel most comfortable in nature and amongst animals and wildlife, dissatisfied with the ‘normal’ way of living, but not knowing how to change, create, and work with my own environment, feeling inadequate and frankly quite overwhelmed with the whole ‘doing’ process. Well, I’m happy to say, I’ve started the hands on approach and after only 6 weeks my small but rapidly growing area is flourishing! I’m so excited barely able to contain myself and literally doing the happy dance daily lol I have also started the 52 week course and am doing so much research, reading and observing and applying that I’m most often, by the evening, somewhat of a jellyfish lol I know I’m rambling and apologies for that, but IM EXCITED 😆 I look forward to learning, engaging and sharing with you all. Thanks again Heather ❤️