Perhaps this is not exactly what is requested here and may need a much time and patience to delve into it. It is a long publication and is a view from political law, but I think there are many details that are enlightening around indigenous Cosmovision, [a word widely used among ancestral indigenous nations]. Also provides many references.

Some examples: Page 3 - Any conflict of rights must be resolved in ways that do not irreversibly affect the functionality of living systems. (Bolivia)

Page 2 -  Generally, nature “has the right to integral respect for its existence and for the maintenance and regeneration of its life cycles, structure, functions and evolutionary processes,” as well as “the right to be restored”. Since nature cannot speak for itself, “all persons, communities, peoples and nations can call upon public authorities to enforce the rights of nature.” Apart from nature itself, persons, communities, peoples, and nations also “have the right to benefit from the environment and the natural wealth enabling them to enjoy the good way of living” (Ecuador)

Page 5 - "...Te Awa Tupua is a spiritual and physical entity that supports and sustains both the life and natural resources within the Whanganui River and the health and well-being of the iwi, hapū, and other communities of the River." {New Zeland)