We're moving to northwest Arkansas, in the heart of the Ozarks (forest and mountains) and hope to hook up with other locals within an hours drive.  We'll be close to Osage which is west of Harrison.  With things coming to a head, I'd love to have in person meetups or at the very least, start our own local group within this platform.  It's a necessity to network with local likeminded folk in these times.  Among my plans are: medicinal, culinary, edible herbs, orchard, garden, small livestock.  I've done it all before, but this will be a new venture on undeveloped land. Also looking to encourage water to come forth from the land (several seeps.)  Would love to buy, sell, trade and barter with likeminded friends who are passionate about Real Food, clean, pastured, organic and permacultured.   I will miss my network of WAPF friends where I am now and hope to find or create a similar network in northwest Arkansas.   

We would also like to network with other families that have vaccine injured children in hopes of being part of a support group.  Our guy is 25 years old, vax injured at 14 months when doc thought it smart to inject him with 8 diseases while he was recovering from rotavirus.  We didn't know any better back then.  It's been a long road, and we hope to find others that we can share our successes with, and learn from.  Our guy is non-verbal, OCD, sensory and about 4 yrs old mentally, but smart as a whip and fairly compliant.  Pros:  He's continent, mobile, fit as a fiddle and sleeps through the night.  Cons:  He's oblivious to traffic, risk, danger, impact.  He has three obsessions:  Electronics (we limit and monitor,) food, and music.