Hi everybody.

I'm from northern Italy, not in a particular permaculture path. At the moment I live at the hinterland of a big city.

I'm looking for ideas/solutions about next life projects, following my anarchist ideals in a coherent but pragmatic way, which is not easy at all. 

I keep asking: what's really useful? It depends much on the context, I guess...

The aims are: fighting capitalism in some way, getting away from maket "realism" and jobs culture; radical ecologism for tangible change (I favour direct action to legal, harmless, passive routes); militant/activist work/make ends meet (why not?) with actual inclusiveness (for example, avoiding expensive food and "alternative" workshops offer just for liberal middle-class people. 

I studied natural sciences; I don't like the academic world for many reasons; I'm particularly interested in food sovereignty, open source, bioremedies (for example, using Fungi - I read Paul Stamets books but didn't find permaculture projects independent from universities, government or business activities)...

Please, I'd be happy to collect constructive contributions.

Sorry for being too moral and rethorical. And thanks for the opportunity.