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Permaculture Personal Liability Insurance

Hi everyone - I'm planning to start delivering basic introduction to Permaculture courses in South Wales UK. I'd like to run them in my garden for up to 8 people at a time in order to demonstrate practical applications of the principles. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on public liability insurance for carrying out teaching on their own premises?

Elizabeth Smith
Intermittently Existant

Is anyone else here still kind of in the "someday..." phase?

I live in an apartment with no hope of moving somewhere with land for at least 3-4 years, so I'm trying to keep windowsill plants and a food forest daydream alive :) would love to connect with others in the same boat.


I love seeing so many people are already working their designs but it feels like such a distant dream!

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Thank you for accepting me

Hi, I am new to permaculture and am glad to have the opportunity to relate to all of you in this group.

I took this photograph a few days ago. I'm posting it because, in my feeling, it shows why nature is so very loving and lovable.

Have a joyful day.

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Persimmon guild suggestions

Anyone have suggestions for a small fuyu persimmon guild? I'm thinking chrysanthemum greens and okinawa spinach, and maybe a hyacinth bean? Not able to find much info on beneficial plants for persimmons. I'm in Southern California (hot, semi-arid, no frost). I appreciate any suggestions :) 

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Free Permaculture Global Summit

I just got an email for a free book launch and permaculture summit and registered. I am excited to see Rosemary Morrow and the amazing lineup of speakers (Q&A sessions included)!


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Hi, anyone from the Netherlands, Eindhoven area?

Hi, I'm Asta and new to this group. I live in Waalre in the Netherlands. I have always lived in a house with a garden, but now I moved to a new house and I would like to create a nice garden with a lot of edible plants and fruits etc. but still a nice looking garden. All on an natural / permaculture basis. Not much experience with permaculture yet, I 'd love to learn a lot here. 

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Hello. Is there someone from Novi Sad, Serbia here?

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Luiza Oliveira
Curious by nature, I love to learn ;)

Colonialism, an important cause of the environmental crises.

This article is from last year, written by a Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux, bringing important aspects to the discussion about colonialism and environmental crises.



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Hello all, 

Writing to you from Rosehill, our very little farmette in Maryland. I am a newbie, yet enthusiastic permaculture learner. I have been on my property since last Aug. Trying to pay attention to the lay of land, sun and shade, flow of runoff during heavy downpours... the wind... I am reading about various aspects of permaculture, but have not yet taken a class but it is in my near future. 

I have a little experience with plants and gardens that I consider typical basic knowledge. I selected this current property (.8 acre suburban) because of its convenience (still working) and the existing buildings. The people who lived here for 10 yrs before me did no land maintenance no gardens, just let it go wild with invasives. Only good thing is there are a lot of ground covers already happening. BUT I had to "save" the 5 big white pines which are covered in vines, and the back sunny area is choked with vines and overgrowth. (should I have a lot of it wacked to the ground?)

My 1st-year goals are a straw bale garden this year in zone 1 just outside the house in front and container plants and herbs on the deck in the back, and maybe try a raised bed. I am currently waiting on "Chipdrop" to bring me a bunch of woodchips for the strawbale area and some other places where I need to kill the ivy. We grew some starts in the house, but they are looking a little sad... not sure why.

So there are some short-term plans (hopefully I pull them off), but I have no water management plan (need to get some water barrels)  I want to carve out three distinct areas (with guilds) (wooded, sunny, and bird/decorative) #4 belongs to the dogs). I want to make use of the water that flows across the property. I want to grow intensively in the future to make this little environment truly work as nature intended it!

I am looking for conversation and learning and sharing here, happy to meet you!


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Introduce myself

 I have a background in education agriculture. For 10 years I was with a farm that focused on teaching people where their food comes from and getting connected to the soil. We did everything from market garden to summer camps and programs. My favorite part was working with the volunteers and seeing children’s faces when they realize broccoli grows on a plant. We lose the farm 4 years ago like so many urban farms. The land is more important to others.  I have been homesteading on my urban place. Canning for over 10 years the last year I did my own meat chickens. I’m a wife and mother 2 young Women. I was a surrogate to set of twins. What a gift you can give to someone. Much more just time for me to have more room. I have had a amazing life so far it’s time for me to start a new journey. We just closed on 26 acres about hour Northwest of Portland Oregon.. I’m looking to run a small herd of cows, sheep and chickens on pasture. Using regenerative permaculture.  My ultimate goal for the property is to grow as much of my own food and to teach others to do the same.