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Writing Workshop with Heather Jo Flores
Writing Workshop with Heather Jo Flores
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This is the new, official group for students in the writing courses offered by Heather Jo Flores. 

If you aren't enrolled, please pop over to the website and enroll before joining the group:

Ruth updated 19 days ago
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Ruth Bencini
Forest Ecologist, Gardener, Forager, Practicing permaculture

Day 1 Empathy: My Totemic Plant

If there's any plant that I have an empathetic relationship with, it's the hybrid Comfrey. Generous, strong, abundant, reliable, but both very exuberant and rather invasive. Just like me... I sense that we are made of the same thing and... (More)

Alicia liked a month ago
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Day 1: Empathy

Purple, black and blue

The colors of bruises- and blackberries

Sweet fruit and thorns

Twisted, orderly

Growing, dying

Divergence fused in to one body, harmonized

This breath of a thought

tickled at first- my subconscious

then the tickle turned to... (More)

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Day 1- Empathy

Yellow freckles on grassy cheeks

Sunshine incarnate, bursting with joy and nutrition

A feast for the eyes, a feast for the bees

Sacred Medicine

Virtues unseen, a perceived threat to order

Adept in all the ways, save growing in rows... (More)

Heather updated 2 months ago
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Day 1 empathy

First time writing anything in a long time . I think this will be good for me . This is about my Hanging strawberry plant I gave my daughter for water and she just gave back to me last night... (More)