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Help Wanted
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A place to post job offers and also feel free to post your resume and job-seeking inquiries!

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Experienced gardener seeks new position

Hello! --

I am a gardener experienced with Permaculture since taking a workshop in 1990, then visited M. Shepard nearby and changed my life. Next summer I interned at CRUMP with Jerome Ostentowski doing forest gardening. With two children to... (More)

Heather updated 4 months ago
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Eshay Susan Rausch
Director of Camp Earth Connection

Residential Caretaker & Permaculture Project Director position available at Camp Earth Connection in upstate New York.

Looking for a Permaculture Design Graduate who enjoys working outdoors and has skills with outdoor equipment and maintenance, permaculture projects such as straw bale and cob construction, gardening and design, water management (water collecting and design), building maintenance (painting, etc.).... (More)

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Hands on Winter Plant Care, Hoops in the Anthopacene. Free Course

Greetings All,

Winter care is the most important prep for Perennial fruits, nuts, veggie beds, . Mulching, manuring, pruning, transplanting in Virginia Established Gardens. Zone 7, yet, anything goes. Sooner then Expected? Yes, Food Security is an Emergency. Here, All... (More)