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A place to post job offers and also feel free to post your resume and job-seeking inquiries!

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Job seeking in market garden/farm in Europe

Hello, this is Jorge and I'm looking for a paid position in a market garden/farm. I'm looking in Europe, preferably in Germany. I'm working since a year together with a permaculture designer in Spain designing and mantaining small private properties and now I would like to switch to bigger farming/productive regenerative enterprises. Please contact me if you're interested and I'll be happy to share more information. Thanks!

Francis liked a day ago
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Santa Cruz, California Permaculture Farm

Hello! We are a diverse small family farm following permaculture principals near both the beach & redwoods. We host wwoofers (farm students & share knowledge + hands on experiences + lodging + food + friendship) and would love to host more humans passionate about permaculture. We host PDCs, bring interactive tours on to the farm, share the harvest, & knowledge & resources. There are many projects off the ground BUT many more planned so there is always much to put out into the world to be the change we want to see! Get in touch if you are interested in... (More)

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Openings at Bioregional GreenWorks

Bioregional GreenWorks is a start-up that merges permaculture with worker-owned cooperatives to create regenerative solutions alongside financial stability. The following remote member openings are open until filled: Admin/Project Assistant - Scholarship Coordinator - Resource Weaver - Green Roofing Designer/Coordinator - Online Retail Shop Mgr - Digital Communication Manager - Government Projects Coordinator - Neighborhood Coordinator - Commercial Projects Coordinator. We will also soon have a few openings on the ground in Los Angeles county, CA.

Our members share in some expenses as well as in equitable on-site and/or online work from our remote locations and we also share in our... (More)

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Friend Will Work For Food

Have a male friend who will work for food and a couch to sleep on/spare room.  He's in Sac. CA and willing to travel to get to where you are.  Please contact me, and I will play matchmaker:

Please put "Childers" in the subject line.