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Learn and share resources about permaculture, ecological gardening, and sustainability, in a safe, secure network free from trolling, data-mining, and corporate interests. It's free!

This community is offered by Heather Jo Flores and provides a space to:

share links and resources

ask questions to help guide your learning

advertise courses, events, housing, and job opportunities

discuss the online permaculture courses and writing challenges found via the button below

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Guidelines for self-promo and business listings, please read!

Absolutely no business listings or advertising will be permitted anywhere on this forum except in these three places, as follows:

In this group,, you can post permaculture-related courses and events, only.

In this group,, you may post service offerings and job offers, for paid and volunteer opportunities.

In this group,, you may post anything related to housing. 

If you post promotional content anywhere else in this forum, and/or if you post the same link more than once, your account will be deleted. If you see promotional content in the wrong place, please report. Thank you!

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"Are you sure you want to give away this much for free?" is what they YES!

Brand NEW course for permaculture beginners, created by the author and founder of Food Not Lawns:
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Hello from Twin Cities, Minnesota

The photo of the many different hands just made my heart open wide and weep with joy.  Thank you Heather for championing this group of fellow peeps who care about the earth, the plants, and humanity.  

Currently in an Herbal Studies program at Minneapolis Community College with Erica Fargione.  I am having so much fun learning about plants and their personalities and characteristics!  I can see me doing this kind of fun in my Re-Firement years!

Prosperity Comes in Many Forms

Green Blessings,