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Liesbeth replied 2 days ago

Guidelines for self-promo and business listings, please read!

Absolutely no business listings or advertising will be permitted anywhere on this forum except in these three places, as follows:

In this group,, you can post permaculture-related courses and events, only.

In this group,, you may post service... (More)

Christine liked a reply 6 hours ago
Jane Gray
Harewood Permaculture

Is it time to despair?

Not sure if this is the right place to share, but I am suffering from a major attack of eco-anxiety right now.

Despite all my sustainability book learning/polcy-wonking and despite being a permaculture fan-girl for decades, I'm hit by guilt... (More)

Daniel updated 12 hours ago
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At the end of Ethics and Principles, I am asked to reflect...

Q. How do you feel about the third ethic? Which of the definitions makes the most sense for you? Write out a succinct statement that communicates your own take, then share it for discussion in our student group.

A. The... (More)

Rosalind commented 2 days ago
I'm a British woman living in England. I've been studying the yearlong #free permaculture course since the beginning of this year. I'd like to show you the early stages of my permaculture garden via a guided tour on my blog.... (More)