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Introduce myself

 I have a background in education agriculture. For 10 years I was with a farm that focused on teaching people where their food comes from and getting connected to the soil. We did everything from market garden to summer camps and programs. My favorite part was working with the volunteers and seeing children’s faces when they realize broccoli grows on a plant. We lose the farm 4 years ago like so many urban farms. The land is more important to others.  I have been homesteading on my urban place. Canning for over 10 years the last year I did my own meat chickens. I’m a wife and mother 2 young Women. I was a surrogate to set of twins. What a gift you can give to someone. Much more just time for me to have more room. I have had a amazing life so far it’s time for me to start a new journey. We just closed on 26 acres about hour Northwest of Portland Oregon.. I’m looking to run a small herd of cows, sheep and chickens on pasture. Using regenerative permaculture.  My ultimate goal for the property is to grow as much of my own food and to teach others to do the same.

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Luiza Oliveira
Curious by nature, I love to learn ;)

Colonialism, an important cause of the environmental crises.

This article is from last year, written by a Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux, bringing important aspects to the discussion about colonialism and environmental crises.



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